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    “The Icy Proposal”

    Jen and Daniel’s Love Story   Jen Platte zipped her coat and stepped onto the covered front porch. The cold winter wind whirled through the night, stinging her face. Shivering, she pulled a blue wool hat out of her coat pocket and slipped it down over her forehead....

    “Playing Hard to Get”

    Jenny and Michael’s Love Story   Jenny Kriesel ducked behind the ice cream stand as a ball flew toward the first baseline, straight at her. A loud thump struck the counter above her before the ball bounced to the ground. She shook her head, picking up the ball...

    “Completely Captivated”

    Randy and Aubrey’s Love Story    “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Randy Winslow dug the ball of his cleat deeper into the muddy sideline of the UNI football field. He eyed the scoreboard. North Dakota—28. Panthers—6.   “Come on, Panthers. You can do it,” a voice...