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Have you ever wanted to be the main character in a story? If so, here’s your chance!

Like I say on my home page, no one else has a story just like yours, which is why other people would love to read about your experiences. Every few months, I choose a couple and write a short story based on their wedding, break-up, engagement, first date, tragic event, birth of a child, etc. I try to capture every little detail—the butterflies in your stomach, the first sweet kiss, your heartache or pain, your racing heart—any detail can be put into your short story. When I’m all done, it’ll be a special keepsake for you to have forever. 

I would love to hear your story! So fill out the form below and send me the juicy details. Don’t worry–I’ll let you read it before I publish it on my site. Who knows? Maybe your love story will give me ideas for my next novel!  


Do you have a story in mind, but don’t know what kind of details to give me? Use the following questions as a guide: 

*What happened? Where were you?

*What did you look like? What did you wear? If you can’t remember, describe your style (sophisticated, casual, athletic, dressy).

*What did you talk about? During the conversation were you shy, witty, confident, scared, or funny? Was your sweetie sexy, talkative, reserved, intelligent, or clever? You get the idea.

*How would you describe yourself and your significant other? Here are some examples: smart, romantic, charming, sarcastic, honest, courageous, energetic, sympathetic, stubborn, cultured, untidy, entertaining, artistic, daring, kind, quiet, outspoken, sophisticated, careful, humble, vivacious.


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