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    Hometown Roots by author Crystal Joy

    Hometown Roots

    Lainey Evans takes a no-nonsense approach to running Lost Canyon Ranch. With a to-do list a mile long, that’s the way it has to be. Her top priority—open a horse training facility with Grandpa.

    But when he passes away, her plans, and the fate of the ranch, are hurled into uncertainty. In his final letter to Lainey and her estranged sisters, Grandpa expresses a daunting stipulation to keep the ranch. To make matters worse, a determined, albeit handsome, businessman proposes to buy the property. If she takes the offer, her dream of starting a horse training business would be possible. And yet, it would come at a greater price—giving up the only home she’s ever known.

    Completely Captivated

    From sweet proposals to tragic circumstances to comical wedding vows, this fresh collection of heartfelt stories captures all of it. Each story is based on real couples and events that will make you laugh and make you cry. With compelling people and surprising twists, each couple will captivate you as their relationships are put to the test. Who will say good-bye forever? Who will find true love?

    Completely Captivated by author Crystal Joy
    Completely Yours by author Crystal Joy

    Completely Yours

    Love is not a fairy tale.

    There is always risk involved …

    A broken heart. Unrequited love. Painstaking good-byes. Is it worth it?

    This unforgettable collection explores the beauty of falling in love, the anguish of loss, and the doubts that plague us as we decide if love is worth the risk.

    These short stories truly capture the messy complications of real-life relationships. Get a glimpse of the raw thoughts and emotions as these couples weigh the consequences of unrequited love, long-distance heartaches, broken marriages, and agreeing to marry a man with a dangerous occupation. Who will end up brokenhearted? Who will find the love of a lifetime?

    Shackled Heart

    After losing his wife in a horrific car accident, Charlie Grimm believes that he deserves to pay for the life he stole. Haunted by his irreversible mistakes, Charlie vows he’ll never fall in love again, and who could see past his criminal conviction anyway?

    MacKenna Christensen strives to support all of her parolees. But when she discovers Charlie is her client, she refuses to help him. She can never erase the gruesome images of his wife’s death. Yet when she sees Charlie’s anguish, she realizes he’s not the reckless monster she imagined.

    As the disdain between Charlie and Mac turns to desire, guilt tears them apart. Is Mac willing to take a chance on a client at the risk of losing her job? Can Charlie forgive himself and open his heart to Mac, or will she become one more regret?

    Available on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo. Print copies are also available at Just Because, The Book Rack, K & K Hardware, and Dunn Bros.

    Shackled Heart by author Crystal Joy
    Shattered Heart by author Crystal Joy

    Shattered Heart

    Amanda Meyers is a force to be reckoned with, especially when her beloved father is diagnosed with lung cancer. She’s all too familiar with the heartache of losing a parent. But this time, she refuses to watch her dad suffer from the debilitating side effects of toxic medications like her mom did.

    As a successful oncologist, Ethan Contos is more than capable of fighting for the lives of his patients. But when he starts falling for Amanda, he finds himself fighting a battle between two desires—pursuing the feisty daughter of an ailing patient and moving back to Greece to make amends with his parents.

    When Amanda’s dad urges Ethan to spend time with his daughter, Amanda and Ethan can no longer deny their chemistry. Between her dad’s deadly diagnosis, an ex-boyfriend who still cares about her, and Ethan’s impending move, Amanda can’t handle much more. Will her heart shatter to pieces, or can Amanda find a way to have her happily-ever-after?

    Stained Heart

    Grace Cunningham worries about everything—her struggling bed-and-breakfast, her son’s negative attitude, and her best friend’s wedding. Scratch that. It’s not the wedding that concerns her; it’s one of the groomsmen. Her ex. It’s been eleven years since Grace moved away from Maple Valley without telling Caleb her life-altering secret. With a full summer of wedding festivities ahead, Grace must finally face the past and divulge the painful truth to the only man she’s ever loved.

    After serving a decade in the U.S. Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel Caleb Meyers returns to his small town to spend more time with his aging father. But the longer he’s home, the more Caleb second-guesses his decision to leave and considers reenlisting. Avoiding the difficult decision, he spends every waking minute staying busy—searching for a serial arsonist, volunteering for the mayor, and helping his sister with wedding plans. If only wedding planning didn’t include Grace, the unforgettable single mom who broke his heart eleven years ago.

    As the summer unfolds, Grace and Caleb rekindle their chemistry and dream of the promising relationship they’d once shared. But the scars of their past threaten to destroy their future once again. Can Grace and Caleb discover a new path before the arsonist strikes again and jeopardizes everything?

    Stained Heart by author Crystal Joy