Where Are They Now?

Get the latest, up-to-date details on each captivating couple from Completely Captivated and Completely Yours

Jess and Zach

Jess and Zach live in the Bay Area in California. They have two cats for now, but have talked about becoming foster parents for kittens. Jess is a Spanish teacher, going back to school in a year or two to get a Masters in instructional technology. Zach is a chemical analyst for a small biotech company. They continue to have adventures together, like 26 hour non-stop road trips to visit family in Oklahoma for Christmas, going to Spain this summer, and they hope to step foot on all seven continents.


Tony and Stephenie

Stephenie graduated high school in 1981 and planned to go to school that fall at Oral Roberts University to become a surgeon, but she was only there for a day or two when she told her parents she wanted to attend school where Tony was. Her dad was quite angry and didn’t speak to her for several weeks, but she joined Tony at school in January of 1982.

Later that semester, Tony asked her to marry him. He went to Red Lobster to set up his proposal. Those were very different days. He went to a total stranger working at the register and gave her a diamond ring, a card, and a dozen red roses and asked her to deliver them at supper—three hours later. Then he left.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they sat at the back of the dining area where it was roped off from everyone else. The table was lit with candles. After they ordered their meals, the girl delivered the flowers and the ring with a card that said, “Come grow old with me.” When the waitress handed them to Steph, the girl asked, “Are you Misses Liston?” Steph told her “No!” and embarrassed all three of them, but eventually Steph took the ring. They spent the rest of their dinner with elderly people from a tour bus coming by their table and congratulating them.

They got married on May 21, 1983. This year, they will celebrate 33 years of marriage. Early on in their marriage, Tony and Stephenie moved to Davenport, Iowa to plant a new church, Adventure Christian Community. They have two grown boys and one teenage daughter. They’ve spent their lives serving God and are looking forward to retirement.


Jordon and Ryan

Ryan and Jordon Hoover have been married for eight years. They live Stockton, Iowa. During Ryan’s deployment his unit had a record number of flight hours. He was shot at numerous times. Not long after Ryan came home, Jordon’s dream of having a little girl came true. Twice. Now, they enjoy going to church together, going hiking, and playing with Adlee and Clara. Check out more information about Ryan’s unit from this awesome CBS news clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=qkJOaJeZbiE&app=desktop


Lisa and Joe

Joe and Lisa Rodriguez are still enjoying the honeymoon phase of marriage—months later. They live in Longwood, Florida. They love running races, going to craft fairs, and spending time together.


Stephanie and Caleb

Stephanie and Caleb have been married for eight years. They live in the Quad Cities—mostly because Cedar Falls is hard to find when it’s located on a napkin. Just kidding. Caleb now works in the medical field, and Stephanie is happily settled at home with her Mrs. Degree. They love spending time together as a family, going to church, taking pictures, and playing with their daughter.


Greg and Marilyn

Greg and Marilyn have been married for thirty-six years. Both of their children have graduated from college. Amanda is studying to become a school guidance counselor and Doug works at a public accounting firm. In the last few years, both Greg and Marilyn have retired so they can spend more time with their grown children.


Kevin and Liv 

Liv and Kevin have been married for eight years. They live in Bettendorf, Iowa, and are loving life! Kevin is a financial planner at Northwestern Mutual and Liv is pursuing a career writing and speaking with the goal of ministering to women. Her first book series, “Bearing Hope even when you aren’t bearing children” is close to being launched, and she leads a monthly Bearing Hope support group for women going through infertility or grieving a loss. You can find out more at www.livryan.com.


Lyra and Ryan

Lyra and Ryan Van Landuyt got married in June 2015. They enjoy spending time with family and friends, running races, and fixing up their house. They have an adorable puppy named Natalie, who loves going to the dog park and going for long walks. They are excited to see what their future will bring!



Sienna was a member of the Boekhoff family for twelve years. When Janice and Todd first brought her home, Sienna had a tough time adjusting. She ate through the baseboards and dry wall of their home. She liked peeing inside, even after being let out. It took her weeks to understand that she should only pee outside, until they trained her to ring bells they hung from the door handle. She also barked incessantly and liked to bite.

Despite a difficult transition, Sienna was a loving dog. She played with Benny the last two years of his life and she welcomed all three of Todd and Janice’s children into their home. She enjoyed playing with them and going for walks. She lived a long and healthy life, until the vet found a tumor on her kidney. Janice and Todd had to make a difficult decision once again. Now, their beloved Sienna rests in peace.


Kalvin and Heidi

Heidi and Kalvin love to travel. They got married in Jamaica and traveled to Europe for their dream honeymoon. They enjoy playing golf, hanging out with friends, and going for walks—sometimes on the same trail where Kalvin proposed.


Jen and Daniel

Jen and Daniel have been married for eight years. They have three children, Brylee, Mason, and Clara. Their family resides in Eldridge, Iowa where they enjoy taking walks, playing together, and being silly.


Jenny and Michael

Jenny and Michael have been married for six years. They live in Bettendorf, Iowa with their little cuties, Allison and Austin. They still go to baseball games together, and they also enjoy boating on the Mississippi River.


Randy and Aubrey

Aubrey and Randy recently celebrated their twelve-year anniversary. They live in Bettendorf, Iowa and have three children. By the way—when Randy told Aubrey that he wanted to kiss her on the first date, she told him that he should have.


Betsy and Fritz

Despite claiming that she would never get married or have kids, Betsy fell in love again and has been married for thirty-two years. She has two grown children and lives in West Des Moines, Iowa. She enjoys spoiling her grandkids, exercising at the gym, and drinking cappuccino. Lots of it, in fact. So she has enough energy to play with her grandkids.