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    Stained Heart … Coming in 2019

    Grace Jacobson vowed never to return home. She couldn’t fathom facing the man who raped her, the town that blamed her, and the high school boy who broke her heart. But when Grace’s best friend begs her to be the maid of honor in her wedding, Grace can’t say no. Amanda is the only one who believes she was raped, and the only one who knows she kept the baby.

    When Grace arrives, Brian Nichols’ world is rocked for the second time in five years. Back in high school, he couldn’t imagine spending his life with anybody besides Grace. But seeing her now, with a five-year old son by her side, resurrects long buried feelings. The little boy is living proof of Grace’s unfaithfulness all those years ago.

    As members of the wedding party, Grace and Brian must set aide their emotions to pull off the celebration Amanda deserves. But the scars of their past cannot stay hidden. Resentment resurfaces and yet, their hearts yearn for the promising relationship they’d once shared.

    After years of bitterness and blaming, can Grace and Brian forgive themselves and one another, or will the past destroy their future once again?


    Famous people I picture playing the characters:

    Grace Jacobson-Alexis Bledel
    Brian Nichols-Josh Hutcherson
    Seth Sawyer-Wentworth Miller


    Inspiration Playlist:

    1. Let It Be Me by The Everly Brothers
    2. Beauty in the Broken by Hyland
    3. Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban
    4. Caught in a Moment by Sugababes
    5. Amazing Grace by The Little Series
    6. I Don’t Know You Anymore by Savage Garden