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    Completely Captivated

    From sweet proposals to tragic circumstances to comical wedding vows, this fresh collection of heartfelt stories captures all of it. Each story is based on real couples and events that will make you laugh and make you cry. With compelling people and surprising twists, each couple will captivate you as their relationships are put to the test. Who will say good-bye forever? Who will find true love?

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    What readers are saying:

    “This book lets you catch a glimpse into other relationships, and can really get you thinking about your own significant other! It’s awesome to see stories coming from real life couples, which makes the book relatable. You will most definitely smile when reading this book!”

    ~ Amazon Reviewer

    “I don’t typically find myself reading books about love and relationships, but I lost myself in this book. What I really enjoyed about Completely Captivated is that the author didn’t just fill it with gushy stories of couples falling in love. They are of course in there, and well written, but the real accomplishment is in capturing the difficult trials that come up in committed relationships. Love is complicated, and beautiful, and Crystal Joy does an excellent job of executing this idea in her book. It is absolutely worth adding to your reading list!”

    ~ Amazon Reviewer