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    Shattered Heart … Coming in 2018

    When Amanda Meyers earns the position as head spokesperson of the Woodbury Women’s Clinic, she gladly accepts. She whole-heartedly believes in promoting holistic approaches to women’s healthcare. But when her father is diagnosed with cancer, she faces a dilemma. If she encourages him to receive invasive treatment, she must step down from her dream position.

    Ethan Contos can’t wait to get married—literally. He must tie the knot soon or his visa expires, and he’ll be shipped back to Greece. With only three months to find a wife, Ethan proposes to Amanda. She agrees under one condition: they must fall in love before their wedding. But when Amanda’s ex-boyfriend reveals Ethan’s secret—and the reason he escaped to America—Amanda questions the entire arrangement.

    Can Amanda get over Ethan’s past and commit to marrying him, or will she send him back to Greece and end their relationship for good?


    Famous people I picture playing the characters:

             Amanda Meyers-Maggie Grace

             Ethan Contos-Sakis Rouvas

             Ray Meyers-Jeff Bridges 

    Inspiration playlist:

    1. She’s in Love With the Boy by Trisha Yearwood
    2. Remember When by Alan Jackson
    3. My Little Girl by Tim McGraw
    4. I Loved Her First by Heartland
    5. Sissy’s Song by Alan Jackson
    6. She’s Everything by Brad Paisley
    7. Lean on Me by Club Nouveau